Compulsory Program – Levels 2 thru 5

Our Compulsory Program centers on solid basics and a foundation of skills with emphasis on form and execution.  Athletes must achieve a set of skills and level of performance to compete for Team Attraction Gymnastics.  Gymnasts that compete in levels 2 – 5 are considered “compulsory” gymnasts and follow the routines set by USA Gymnastics, the governing body for gymnastics in the US.

Compulsory gymnasts perform the same routines on each event and are scored based on quality of form and execution of these skills.  As they move up through the levels, the skills performed become more difficult.

These gymnasts train between 6-13 hours per week depending on their level and compete in approximately 6 competitions during the Fall/Winter months at various locations throughout the State of NC.  If a gymnast attains the qualifying score for her level, she will be invited to compete at the “State Championship” as the last competition of the season!


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