Developmental Classes (Ages 5 to 13)

Our Developmental classes are structured around a level-based poster skill chart system. This allows athletes to progress through each level at their own pace. Emphasis is on success and a positive approach to learning, skill acquisition, and participation. We know that not every child desires to become a competitive gymnast, yet every child thrives on a positive experience about themselves and accomplishing personal goals in their gymnastics. A strong base is built, with safety as the primary goal, for future skills whether in gymnastics or another sport. All four events are taught as well as trampoline and strength.

  • Developmental Classes 1 & 2 are 55 minutes long
  • Class Size – 8 students per teacher
Developmental 1 Classes — separated by age groups

Emeralds — Ages 5 to 8

Sapphires — Ages 8 – 13

This is the beginner level in the Developmental program.  This class is designed to learn the building blocks of gymnastics in a disciplined, yet fun recreational class.

Developmental 2 Class

Onyx — Pre-requisite is Level 1 Developmental Class

Developmental 3 Class — 1 hour and 25 minute class

Jade — Pre-requisite is Level 2 Developmental Class


Have you Taken Gymnastics Before?

If your child has taken gymnastics classes before, please let us know. We can set up a Free Class or Free Evaluation of your child so they are placed in the correct class for age and skill level.

Class Sessions and Fees — Visit Parent Portal for more information

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