Optional Program – Levels 6 thru 10

Competitive Gymnastics brings more extensive benefits for those athletes that have the potential as well as mind set to train and compete in a more intense environment.  Starting at Level 6, a gymnast is considered an ‘optional’ gymnast meaning their routines are original and choreographed to suit the gymnast as an individual.

There are certain skills, combinations and dance sequences that each level requires.  The degree of difficulty is fulfilled using various skills within the gymnasts range and style.  These gymnasts will compete in approximately 6 meets throughout the Winter and Spring Months.  Levels 7 thru 10 can also qualify for post-season meets including Regional and National meets.

Often times, these gymnasts will travel outside of NC to various high profile competitions to compete against girls within their levels from different states!  If the gymnast attains the qualifying score, she will be invited to compete in the State Championship, which there, she has a chance to qualify to Regional and National competitions within her level.

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