What is the Pre-Team Program?  (Hot Shots / Mighty Mites / Junior Team)

Pre-Teams train students for competitive gymnastics.  The goal is to identify eager athletes to determine the level of natural physical readiness and place them in a curriculum based on ability.  The higher the level of natural ability, the stronger the candidate is for this kind of accelerated learning program.  Natural ability cannot be summarized by any single criteria.  We evaluate physical abilities as they pertain to the 4 events in gymnastics.  Unlike other sports, gymnastics has a much sooner peak age and Pre-Teams help develop the athlete and provides structure to help them reach their full potential.  Early identification of abilities and proper placement is a key component for success in competitive gymnastics.  Some of these groups will participate in local competitions (additional fees).

How do you join?

To become a member of a Pre-team group, you must be recommended by a coach or attend our try-out and be evaluated.  If your child is very interested in this program, an evaluation can be done by a team coach if spots are available at that time.

When are Pre-Team classes offered?

Pre-team includes 3 different groups that are separated by skill level and age:
Hot Shots – usually for ages 4 to 5.5 yrs.
2 days per week (2.5 hrs. per week)
Mighty Mites – usually for ages 6 to 7
2 days per week (3 hrs. per week)
Junior Team – usually for ages 6.5 and up
2 days per week (4 hrs. per week)

Who are the coaches?

Pre-team coaches are comprised of experienced coaching professionals.  These instructors meet on a monthly basis to discuss skill training and progressions.  This helps pre-team instructors teach using the same terminology, strategy and philosophy.

Benefits of Pre-Team

  • Possible advancement to competitive gymnastics
  • Increased event training
  • Opportunity for Low pressure Fun-Meets
  • Regular evaluations
  • Being part of a TEAM
  • Team Leotard available that identifies student as a Team Member (Junior Team Group only)
At TAG, we use the Pre-Team as our beginning levels of Pre-Competitive gymnastics.  Gymnasts will grow in the sport by learning skills based on a progressive curriculum.  This curriculum will advance them through Levels 1 – 3 and they will learn parts of the USAG routines.  After mastering the skills at these levels, they will have the opportunity to be selected for the competitive team and represent TAG at USAG sanctioned competitions in the Junior Olympic or Xcel programs.

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