Recreational Gymnastics & Tumbling

At Team Attraction Gymnastics we offer a variety of classes for all levels of interest, motivation, and skill level. For many of the students this will be their first experience with fitness and activity. We hope to make it as positive as possible while developing their motor skills, flexibility, and strength. The classes allow for advancement at the pace of the student.

TAG Bills on a Monthly Tuition for all Classes

Tuition is based on 47 classes per year (not 4 classes per month).  Most days of the week have have 4 classes per month while some have 5 days and some have 3 days in a month.  There is no additional charge for months with 5 classes and no adjustment when there are 3 classes in a month.

Students can start their class any time during the month when space becomes available! You will be pro-rated when entering for the 1st time.


Most Classes have Wait Lists.  Call us to be placed on the list.

Parent & Tot — Ages 18 months to 3 years

Pre-Gym — Ages 3 to 5 years

Developmental Classes — Ages 5 to 13 years

Levels 1 thru 3

Tumbling Classes — Ages 7 and up

Class Size Ratio —

  • 1 to 6 maximum for Pre-Gym Classes
  • 1 to 8 maximum for Developmental 1 & 2 Classes
  • 1 to 10 maximum for Tumbling & Dev. 3 Classes


♦ Students are allowed 1 make-up class per billing month ♦  Must be scheduled through front desk


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