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When is my registration fee due?  Recreational student’s Annual Registration fee will be due at time of official first sign-up and each year’s anniversary date. Competitive team gymnast’s registration is due with meet fee payments.  There is no registration for Parent and Tot classes (fee will be due when student ages up to Rubies class) and no registration for Adult Gymnastics.

When are payments due for Classes?  Classes are billed as a monthly tuition and payments are DUE no later than the 1st of each month.  Timely payments ensure spots in the classes are held.  Students are pro-rated when first entering classes after their Free Trial.  Tuition payments are AUTO DRAFTED each month by credit card or Echeck.  Please keep your information up to date in the Parent Portal to ensure payments are processed correctly. 

How long are the classes?  Parent & Tot classes are 45 minutes long, Pre-Gym classes are 50 minutes and most other recreational classes are 55 minutes long. This helps give the instructor time to prepare for the next class.

What is the class size expected?  Class size ratios are important for the development of the student. There will be a maximum of 6:1 students for Pre-Gym classes and 8:1 students for Developmental classes. The ratio for Tumbling classes and Level 3 Recreational classes is 10:1. In the event of a student making up a class, it will need to made up in a class that has an opening.

Do we have to wait until the beginning of the month to enter a class?   No, you may start a class at any time during the year (as long as the class has openings) and you will pay a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the month.  Most classes typically have Wait Lists.  

If my child passes to the next level, do they have to wait for the month to switch classes?  No, in fact we encourage each student to “move up” a class during the month when they have passed all their skills by their Instructor. However, most of the classes have a Wait List and it may take a little time to move to your favorite class.

Can I make up a missed class?   Students are allowed 1 make-up per paid month and must be scheduled with the office within a reasonable amount of time (typically within 3 to 4 weeks at most).  Makeup classes can only be scheduled approximately 1 week in advance and must be scheduled in an open spot in class.

Can parents watch their child’s class?   Absolutely! Team Attraction encourages parents to watch their child in their class in the viewing area. Due to insurance and safety concerns, parents, siblings or friends are not allowed out on the gym floor. Only children registered for a class are allowed to go onto the gym floor. Siblings who come to watch class are the parents’ responsibility and cannot be left unsupervised.

Please refrain from coaching, talking to, or getting your child’s attention in any way during class. Interrupting classes could cause safety problems.  If you need your child, please contact the person at the front desk and we will assist you.

What if I’m not sure if my child will like gymnastics?   We encourage you to take advantage of the FREE trial class. This will give you and your child the opportunity to see if it is a good fit for them. There is no charge for the first class, but a trial waiver must be filled out and signed for participation.

Do you offer refunds?   Pro-Rated refunds of tuition fees are given for students with medical issues (doctor’s excuse required) or for family’s that are moving out of the area. Registration Fees are non-refundable.

What are your staff’s qualifications?   Our staff are selected primarily on their genuine passion for helping develop young lives through the sport of gymnastics. They are continually evaluated and trained in the latest techniques for their specific area and level of teaching. In addition to a background check, they also work towards being Safety Certified through USA Gymnastics and many have hands-on training certifications as well. In addition, our Team Coaching staff are Professional Members of USA Gymnastics. Most of our staff actually trained as gymnasts themselves which has helped maintain our high standards of quality.

Is Gymnastics safe?  Any activity that involves motion, height and the characteristics of gymnastics presents the risk of minor to severe injury, even death (remember, so does getting in a car every day). Actually, there is very little in life that is really ‘safe’.  We take risks everyday (especially driving) but we do so for the benefits that we can achieve in spite of the risk. However, this sport also offers such tremendous benefits physically, mentally and emotionally in the development of young people that we feel it is well worth the fairly small risk exposure.
SAFETY is our number one concern here at Team Attraction Gymnastics. We approach it seriously and thoroughly from staff training to equipment selection and maintenance to class structure to stringent student class placement and progression standards. The risk is reduced through our efforts as well as the importance of students and parents following our gym rules, respecting their own abilities, and being attentive.

When will my child be ready for the next level?   That is a question that can only be answered over time. Every child is different and must be dealt with individually. Children progress at different rates even throughout different phases of their development. They do not typically progress in a straight line but at times peak for a while and then may accelerate their progress.
Please understand that WE want them to succeed! We have the experience to know when they are ready for the next level to make that step a positive, confidence building move. In addition, there is a strong SAFETY concern to make sure they are training at the appropriate level. As the student progresses, we will evaluate/test our students so that you and they can see where they are within their level. Once they have mastered all of their skills in that level, they are invited to ‘move up’ to the next level (along with teacher recommendation).

Do all the students progress to the next level at the same time?   Not usually. (see the question asking “When will my child be ready for the next level?”) At times they do progress at the same rate, but not typically. This can be frustrating at times for children as their friends usually progress slower or faster than them. However, it must be understood that rarely does the current progress rate indicate the ultimate level they will reach! At times, friends ‘leap frog’ past each other as they progress. Many times the slow starter is the one that ends up farther in the end.

How can I keep track of my child’s progress?   When a child signs up for a class, he/she will receive a poster for the level he/she is in. The students are evaluated/tested and periodically given stickers to put on their poster for the skills they have mastered. Once their poster is completed and all their skills mastered for that level, they are invited to move up to the next level! You will typically be notified when your child is ready to progress to the next level. In addition, our staff is always available to communicate with you (please be considerate of the coach’s next class) over any specific concerns or desired evaluation of your child’s progress.

How many days per week should my child take?   We recommend students start out at one class per week to evaluate motivation and potential. For better results, additional classes are encouraged once these are established. Some of our team gymnasts actually train up to 5 days per week (20+ hours per week). Discounts are available for multiple classes.

What if the class I want is full?   If your choice class is full, we can place you on a waiting list for that class or offer some other options. In addition, at times we can ‘create a class’ if you can bring a minimum of four students and have a day and time where we have an Instructor available.

What does my child wear to class?   Proper clothing is essential for your child to perform safely and successfully. Please follow the guidelines listed below:
* Girls may wear a leotard or gym shorts and a t-shirt/tank top.
* Hair should be neatly secured away from face and eyes.
* Boys may wear gym shorts and a T-shirt.
* Most students prefer to do gymnastics barefoot. No Socks in the Pit.
* Cheerleading shoes can be worn for tumbling classes if necessary. No shoes or socks on the trampolines.
* Warm ups may be worn over proper clothing, but the instructor may ask for its removal if it hinders safety. No jeans or zippers, please!
* Please do not bring jewelry, food, gum or drinks (glass) into the gym.

What happens when I bring my child in for a class?   Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts (10 minutes for new students). Being late is far more difficult on a child than many parents may realize. We ask that you walk your child into the building for class and that you walk into the building to pick him/her up after class. We do not allow children to wait for their parents outside. If you have any questions or concerns, please check in at the front desk, so we know that you and your child are here.
All students should wait in the lobby, with their parents, for class to start. Please do not leave children unsupervised. Parents may leave after the instructor has called your child into class or you can view class from our lobby area or mezzanine after the instructor has called your child into class. Please arrive to pick up your child, before class is over. Children are their parent’s responsibility before and after their child’s class.

Why should my child do gymnastics?   Even if your child does not have the potential to be a competitive gymnast, we have found gymnastics is a great sport for developing the physical abilities, as well as discipline, flexibility, coordination, fear management and problem solving needed for success at almost every other sport. Our students tend to excel at other sports once building some basics through participation in our program. Most eastern countries use Gymnastics as the most basic element and building block of their whole Physical Education systems. Check out USA Gymnastics Website for further information.
Gymnastics is an awesome sport for developing a well-rounded athlete:

  • Physical Abilities – Gymnastics develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination as well as kinesthetic awareness and control.
  • Psychological – Gymnastics is great for developing discipline, fear management, problem solving as well as respect for others and sports in general.
  • Emotional – Gymnastics helps develop confidence which is a crucial building block for ‘stepping out’ and attempting new challenges which may not have been considered before!

Gymnastics does have one weakness…it is mostly an anaerobic sport which is not as efficient at developing the cardio-vascular system as most aerobic sports. We encourage all athletes to be well-rounded and encourage additional activities to help develop this crucial area to develop lifetime heart healthy habits.

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