Tumbling Classes

Ages 7 and Up
Classes are 55 Minutes long

Tumbling classes are designed to work just on floor tumbling skills. Classes are grouped by skill level and are available to boys and girls. Proper progressions will be taught using many training stations — including resi-mats, loose foam pits, tumble traks, and other equipment and mats. This is a great program for cheerleaders needing to perfect their tumbling skills to achieve their cheering goals, improve multi-sport abilities, or just to pursue the love of tumbling!


Tumbling classes offered:

Beginner Tumbling:  Working on tumbling basics, new to tumbling. Class will concentrate on forward & backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridge kick-overs, front & back walkovers and starter drills for backhandsprings. Pre-requisite to move to Intermediate Tumbling is standing backhandspring unassisted on a flat surface.

Intermediate Tumbling: These tumblers can perform skills listed in beginner tumbling. This tumbling class will be working multiple standing backhandsprings, round-off backhandsprings, side aerials, and starter drills for standing back tucks as well as round off backhandsprings, back tucks and layouts. Also, they will continue to polish basic tumbling skills.

Advanced Tumbling: These tumblers can perform skills listed in intermediate tumbling including, standing back tucks, round-off backhandspring back tucks, layouts, full twisting and double fulls. *Advanced tumbling classes can be geared more towards individual needs*

Boys Only Tumbling: All boys classes are available!!  We have Beginner and Intermediate boys Tumbling classes.  


Class Sessions and Fees

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